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THEME: A page related to medieval history and culture. Mainly illuminations, mosaics, frescoes and other works of art from era 500-1500. Occasionally also paintings portraying important figures / events of Medieval Europe. In addition I collect links to translated medieval manuscripts.

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Saint with a book, Lower Rhine Region/Flanders, late 15th C., oak.


Saint with a book, Lower Rhine Region/Flanders, late 15th C., oak.

Original wooden door of Hollola church (15th century). The decorations depict hunting trip of Saint Hubertus.

October 2014

A tiny statuette from Hollola church.

Acquired from Prussia in 1430s

October 2014

Another photo from Hollola church. This time a somewhat blurry pic of Saint George and a dragon (15th century).

October 2014

Dunnottar castle, Scotland

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Last weekend I had a chance to visit a medieval stone church of Hollola; They had a couple of interesting items like this stone font from 14th century. It’s originally from Kemioe island but somehow it has ended up here.

This photo reminds me also of an old medieval theological problem: “if a mouse drowns in a font, can it be regarded as baptized?” An intricate question indeed  :).

October 2014

Yet one mural of Espoo Cathedral. I guess this one depicts Saint George slaying a dragon.

July 2014

Espoo Cathedral

The Crucifix is also from late medieval era. It was restored in the 1980s and  then risen to it’s original place.

July 2014

Mural of Espoo cathedral

Late 15th-early 16th century

July 2014